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Sheri Lynn's Fruit Thins - Peach Single - 2 oz per bag

Yes, you read that right, the only ingredients in this bag are delicious Palisade peaches! As a busy mother of four daughters, I was always searching for a convenient, healthy and affordable snack for the kids. They love fresh peaches during the season, but the season is short so I began to tinker with making my own dried peaches. My girls never really cared for the chewy peach halves that are loaded with preservatives, but they love chips, so I decided to try making them with a crisp texture. Thus, my “Peach Thins.” My girls loved them and would take them to school and share them with their friends. Pretty soon I was drying more and more and sharing them with friends and family as well. My Peach Thins provide a healthy snack of Pure Colorado Peaches year round.

We are blessed to live on a peach farm in beautiful Palisade Colorado, and we want to share a little of our dream with you. I hope you enjoy my Peach Thins!!


    Shipping costs for single bags are high.  Recommended for Local only.  


    Satisfaction Guaranty – We are a family just like you and we want to make sure you are happy with our product. If you have any issues or suggestions, please contact us at STaylor@TaylorFarmRanch.com


    The ingredients in this bag are only delicious Palisade peaches!

    Includes Almost 3 Peaches per Bag.