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Taylor Farm and Ranch

Grown in Palisade, Colorado in the shadow of the Grand Mesa

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Welcome to Palisade, Colorado

The Taylor Farm and Ranch sits on the historic Lloyd cattle ranch property in pristine Palisade, Colorado. Where cattle once grazed, peaches now thrive in the nutrient rich soil left behind. The 53 acre farm is nestled against the majestic Colorado River where the fruit gets nourished from the Rocky Mountain fresh waters.

Our Mission Statement

The family-owned and operated Taylor Farm and Ranch strives to provide the highest quality peaches to each and every consumer.  We go to great lengths to make sure that the trees and soil are properly cared for and nurtured as well as being conscious of our beautiful surrounding environment.  

Check out the view


Our juicy Palisade Peaches are the best nature has to offer. With our perfect cool mornings and sunny Colorado summer days peaches from Palisade can only be matched in Heaven.

Palisade Peaches from Taylor Farm and Ranch, Colorado

It has large, 2 ¾", solid bright orangish-red fruit.  The flesh is clear yellow with some red around the small pit. Starfire has great shipping qualities and firmness. It is a very consistent cropper. The tree is strong, spreading and very hardy with excellent resistance to bacterial spot and canker. This variety is a real star.


Large nearly round, attractive yellow freestone fruit. Very tough, mostly red skin is practically fuzzless with a deep yellow ground color. Firm yellow flesh is resistant to browning. Superior canning and freezing qualities. Tree is vigorous and productive. Excellent quality for fresh market and commercial processing. Keeps and ships very well. 


A high quality, freestone variety ripening in the Loring season. Fruit is very firm, large, with excellent color. The trees are hardy and very productive. Ripens late summer.


Medium, nearly fuzzless fruit, color is a beautiful red and golden yellow. Flesh is firm, smooth textured and fine-flavored, becomes freestone as it ripens. Excellent for dessert, canning and freezing. Vigorous, strong growing, self-fertile tree bears young.

**All Trees come from the high quality Sierra Gold Nurseries
15-8999 L
2-8886 L
5-8904 L

Church and School Fundraisers

Call or Email us today to secure your fundraiser before these yummy peaches sell out.

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